No credit card is required to start using the service, 30 days of Free trial is provided for all plans.
Beupify offers 30 days of FREE trial so anyone can check the service before paying for it.

Besides the free plan with 1000 pageviews, 3 subscription plans are available in Beupify: Silver, Gold and Platinum.

The pageview is counted with the number of times the page on which the widget is embedded on is loaded.

Monthly and Yearly subscription methods are available for the offered plans.

The pricing for the Monthly and Yearly subscription plans differs. You can save about 20% if you decide to stick to yearly plans.

Here's the pricing for each plan:

Monthly Subscription Plans

Silver - $14.95 (monthly)
Gold - $34.95 (monthly)
Platinum - $84.95 (monthly)

Yearly Subscription Plans

Silver - $11.96 (monthly)
Gold - $27.96 (monthly)
Platinum - $67.96 (monthly)

You can check the Pricing page for more info or else contact our Customer Support team via Live Chat for additional questions.

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