You can have a number of sub users depending on the subscription plan to have.
This article will show how you can add your team members to your account.

Click on the Profile icon and choose the Team Members from the available menu.

Click Invite User.

Fill in the needed fields and click Save. The following fields need to be filled in or set:

First Name

Last Name


User Role - It can be chosen from the dropdown menu. The current roles are Admin, Author, Custom. If any of the predefined Permissions for roles (see the point below) is chosen, the User Role changes to Custom immediately.

Permissions - They can be chosen from the available options: notifications, widgets, categories, subscribers, activity, billing.

Once the steps are done, you will see the following popup on the screen.

The person you invited will just have to accept the invitation from the email sent to them by clicking Activate.

That's it! Now you can easily add your team member(s) which will make the collaboration so much easier.
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