The steps below show how you can create a Notification. The Notification is displayed within the Widget embedded on your website.

Step 1: Notification creation

• Go to the Notifications section (under the Notifications dropdown menu).

• Click Create Notification.

Step 2: Editing the Notification

Once the Notification is created, you can edit it.

You can add a Title to the Notification.

Have the message of the Notification and edit the message as you wish.

Add a Category to your Notification (Bug Fix, New Feature, Announcement). We added the "Announcement" category in our example.

Enable/Disable the Custom Redirection(when clicked, the notification redirects to a custom page).

If this option isn't turned on, the Notification will redirect to a standalone page we created.

Enable/Disable the Scheduling. When enabled, choose the date the Notification should be shown.

Turn on/off the Feedback. You can also allow/disallow “Smile” or “Comment” usage.

Step 3: Saving the Notification

Once you’ve chosen the settings for the Notification, you can go ahead and “Save” it. Afterwards, “Enable” the Notification and it will appear inside the Widget.

That's it!
Now you have the Notification that will be shown within the Widget on your website.

Please, click on the following tutorial link for more information on setting up a Widget. How to set up a Widget
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