You can make the Widgets embedded on your website even better by adding branding to it.
You can remove the default Beupify branding and add yours instead.

This will make an even more memorable impression on the customers.

The steps below will help you customize the branding.

Customize the Widget Branding

The Widget Branding can be customized with the following steps.

Click "On" next to the "Remove Branding" to remove the Beupify default branding.

Click "On" next to the "Custom Branding" to customize the Widget branding.

When the Custom Branding is enabled you can set your own logo and the URL which will open when the logo is clicked.

Set the Standalone Page Branding
By saying a Standalone page, we mean a page that shows a specific notification fully on a separate web page, when the notification is clicked.

Go to the Settings section.

Go to "Standalone Sub Domain" section and click "On" next to Custom Branding.
• Upload your logo and favicon instead of the default ones.
• Insert the website URL in the defined area.
• Click "Save" to make the Branding appear on the Standalone page.

That's it. Now you have your own custom branding within the Widget and the Standalone page.

You can check the result changing the Widget branding on the image below. We did it for our own Widget (logo on the right).

And below you can check the result of customizing the Standalone page branding. Check the logo on the left.

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